Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Road Trip in the Ranger...

I spent two weeks before Christmas checking the extended forcast every day hoping for no snow come December 25th!  Last year on Christmas it took me three hours to get home so Wes and I were very happy when the snow continued to stay away.  We brought Wes's new (to him) Ford Ranger to Cedar Falls for it's first real roadtrip!  Which was a good thing because we had plenty of stuff to bring home!

We enjoyed seeing our friends and Wes's family during the weekend back.  I felt very blessed to have felt so welcomed by Wes's family and included in their Christmas traditions.  The food was fantastic and it seems that my baked goods went over well!  We loved seeing Chris, Merri and Tyler and spent time on Christmas Eve watching movies with them.  Merri and I really wanted to watch a Christmas movie so, despite the boy's complaints we played the "It's Merri's birthday" card and made them watch A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey... I do not think they will ever let us choose a movie again!

We also spent some time on Christmas night with Jeff watching the Packers win... everyone but me was happy!  This was only the second time I had ever met Jeff so it was fun to get to spend some time with him. 

It was a wonderful weekend and we want to thank Kathy and Leigh for always being so welcoming and kind (in other words thanks for feeding us) when we come back!

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